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Regular Dental Checkup South Croydon
Regular Checkup

Dental check-ups in South Croydon

Want to maintain a healthy, attractive smile? The only way for you and your loved ones to guarantee successful management of your overall oral health is to visit us regularly at Shirley Park Dental – at least twice a year! For every patient, a general dental check-up in Croydon will combine detection of problems with tailored preventive advice. If a problem is discovered, we may recommend treatments such as fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges or veneers – if they are necessary to keep your mouth healthy. Whether you are seeing us privately or on the NHS, you can rest assured you will receive the same level of care and attention. For information about fees for all our services, head over to our fees page.

Once your dentist has confirmed your oral health is in great condition, you may wish to explore our range of confidence-boosting Cosmetic treatments to create the beautiful smile you truly want.

Dental Fillings Shirley Park

Fillings in Shirley Park

At Shirley Park Dental, we recommend white fillings for the majority of cases. Also known as composites, white fillings are used to repair cavities or cracks in teeth and can be colour-matched perfectly to your existing teeth to achieve a seamless and natural-looking aesthetic. Because they require less drilling than traditional metal fillings and use safe, bio-compatible materials which bond with your natural teeth, white fillings are an extremely popular option that can last for many years.

Inlays and Onlays Treatment South Croydon

Inlays and onlays

If tooth decay or damage cannot be repaired with a simple filling, inlays and onlays offer an excellent aesthetic solution that is less invasive than the next course of action, which would be to consider a dental restoration such as a crown. Made in a lab using your dental impressions, inlays and onlays fit precisely into the space created by decay or damage, restoring both the function and natural appearance of your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Shirley Park Dental

Root Canal

If a large cavity penetrates inside the tooth, or if the tooth breaks, a root canal, or endodontic, treatment will be necessary. This routine procedure, carried out under local anaesthetic, involves removing the sensitive dental pulp inside the tooth, and filling the space left behind with a material called gutta percha, which also prevents further infection. In the vast majority of cases, a root canal in Croydon offers an excellent alternative to removing the tooth altogether. It’s always better to save the natural tooth, because this maintains the structure of the jaw, preventing future dental problems and facial sagging. Modern root canal is nothing like the dreaded treatment of popular imagination – gentle, high-tech and pain-free, it will instantly eliminate your toothache.

Dental Crown Treatment South Croydon

Dental crowns

If you have a very decayed, cracked or damaged tooth, or your tooth has been weakened due to root canal treatment, dental crowns in Croydon offer a restorative solution that rebuilds both the strength and look of the tooth. A dental crown is made in a dental lab using your dental impressions, and caps your existing tooth with a strong and lifelike restoration.

Dental Bridges South Croydon

Dental bridges

Custom-created in a lab using your dental impressions, a dental bridge offers a fixed prosthetic replacement for a missing tooth or set of teeth – literally bridging the gap created by missing teeth. Held in place at each end by a crown, dental bridges have a number of advantages – supporting the jaw structure, allowing you to eat properly again, and creating create an improved aesthetic appearance.

Tooth Removal South Croydon

Tooth Removal

At Shirley Park Dental, tooth extractions are always our last resort and we will only consider this option once we believe we have exhausted all other solutions. If the prognosis of your tooth is so poor that other forms of treatment are unlikely to be successful, we will talk you through the pros and cons of having your tooth removed. If you decide to go ahead with an extraction, the procedure will be carried out by an extremely experienced dentist and you will be given lots of aftercare support.

Dentures South Croydon


Dentures are the traditional solution for patients with a few or all of their teeth missing – and at Shirley Park Dental, you’ll find that today’s modern dentures are made from materials that are more comfortable and lightweight than ever. Dentures have to be removed for cleaning and at night – however, at Shirley Park Dental we also offer a permanent, fixed solution in the form of implant-retained dentures.