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#3 Tested Tips to Encourage Your Child for First Dental Visit

#3 Great Tips to Encourage Children for First Dental Visit

The Public Health England states that every child in the UK must get his or her first dental check-up as the first tooth erupts – which is around 6 months. But the statistics tell a different tale; above 80% of children aged between one and two are yet to go for their first dental visit!

The most common reason behind this delay is dental anxiety or fear from the dentist. Although Dr Mori Shahid, a renowned paediatric dentist in South Croydon says, the fear factor is on behalf of the parents and not the children. As far as children are concerned, they’re just scared of the unknown awaiting them at the dentist’s office. “This proves how the perception of pain is still there in our mind when it comes to dentists and dentistry as a whole,” adds Dr Shahid.

Why early visits are crucial

As a responsible parent, you should not neglect early visit of your child to the dentist’s office. These early visits ensure that your child develops a healthy and beautiful smile from a young age. Moreover, these visits get your child used to and comfortable with the dental practice.

Here’re some tried and tested tips to resolve the fear of the unknown in your child for his/her first dental check-up.

  • Understand your little one’s mind: Children dentistry is thoroughly based on understanding their psychology. The better you understand your little one’s mind, the easier it’s for you to bring them to the practice.
  • Choose appointment schedules wisely: While booking a dental appointment for your child, schedule a time when he or she’s most attentive or happiest. Younger children are usually in their happiest mood during early mornings, while for older children tend to be more lenient during early afternoon. Book the appointments accordingly to help your child get the most out of those clinical visits.
  • Encourage them to bring their favourite toy: Their favourite toy or doll should accompany them to their dental visits and most importantly, the first one. Practices like Shirley Park Dental Surgery that have dedicated paediatric dentistry department, demonstrate the treatment on the toy before applying it on their child patients. This works like magic in removing all fear and anxiety from their mind.