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Bad Breath

Treatment to cure bad breath in South Croydon

Bad breath or halitosis is a common oral health problem which can often be very embarrassing. It can not only affect your health but also affect your personal, professional and social life.

At Shirley Park Dental in South Croydon, London we provide effective treatment, discreetly, to cure your bad breath.

Reasons for bad breath

Reasons for bad breath:

There’re lots of factors that can lead to bad breath. These include:

  • Odorous foods.
  • Not maintaining proper oral hygiene.
  • Periodontal (or gum) disease.
  • Smoking or any other form of tobacco consumption.
  • Certain medications.
  • Underlying health conditions.

Whatever the reason may be, the problem needs to be solved as early as possible. Our dentist possesses in-depth experience in curing bad breath cases. Moreover, at Shirley Park Dental, we not only cure your bad breath but also do it discreetly without letting anyone know about your treatment.

Bad breath treatment south croydon

Bad breath treatment

Our dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth in order to discover the reason behind your bad breath. If gum disease (periodontal infection) is the cause of the problem, we will provide a comprehensive deep cleaning to clear away the bacteria seated deep inside the gums. Reversing the effects of a periodontal infection is a lengthy procedure and you’ve to come for regular check-ups to keep the bad breath away.

Meanwhile, we suggest avoiding agents, like mint or mouthwashes that cover bad breath. Even any sugary or alcoholic drinks can make the situation worse.

Benefits of curing bad breath include

Benefits of curing bad breath include:

  • When cured from halitosis, you get back your fresh and clean breath.
  • You’re more confident to talk to people.
  • The chance of developing gum diseases minimises dramatically.
  • Bad breath also shows up to indicate a serious health condition including respiratory tract infection, infections in the liver or the kidney, blood sugar and heart disease.

The earlier the treatment starts, the better!

If you’re struggling with halitosis, it’s time to let us handle it professionally.

Cost of halitosis or bad breath treatment at our clinic

At the Shirley Park Dental, we offer reasonable cost to cure halitosis. We also offer easy finance schemes to make the cost lighter for your pocket. The exact cost and duration of the treatment can only be said after our dentist has diagnosed you thoroughly.